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Bushey & Borehamwood Sub Aqua Club

Diving the Farnes
Diving the Farne Isles

Diving St Abbs
Diving St Abbs

Diving the Caratan
Diving the Carentan

RiB Diving in Dorset
RIB Diving in Dorset

Night Dive in Chesil Cove
Chesil Cove Night Dive

Rickmansworth Carnival 2011
Rickmansworth Carnival 2011

A Dive in the Mixon Hole

A Dive in the Mixon Hole (Sussex, UK)

Diving West Wales



Contact Details

Bushey & Borehamwood Sub-Aqua Club
The Lincolnsfields Centre
Bushey Hall Drive
WD23 2ES
Tel: 07413 224 234

Bushey & Borehamwood Sub-Aqua Club is a Watford-based diving club who are passionate about diving and teaching people to dive and have done for over forty years.

We are affiliated to the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) and we welcome divers from any other diving organization. We meet every Thursday evening at the Bushey Grove Leisure Centre pool, where we can teach you everything you need to know to become a qualified diver as well as offer you the opportunity to progress to more advanced levels.

One of our RIBs returns with divers in Portland

Divers prepare to descend down the shot line

We have an active group of divers from the surrounding area, covering a wide range of abilities from beginners right up to Advanced instructors and First Class Divers (the highest BSAC Qualification). We have our own clubhouse together with 2 RIBS which are out diving most weekends during the diving season. We run a year-round active training schedule covering all aspects of diving from beginners to technical divers, and we welcome divers from all other diving agencies.

diver4Waiting to be picked up by the boat folloiwing a dive in Shetlands

A diver ascends on a lift following a dive in Devon

Social Events

As well as diving we have an active social calendar, with BBQ's, non-diving trips and events such as comedy evenings. See our social page for more details.

How do I join?

If you are thinking about learning to dive, wish to continue your training, or just come and dive then why not give us a call on 07413 224 234, or drop us an email. If you are over the age of 14, we run regular Try dives in our local pool on a Thursday night so it's an ideal opportunity to come and see what it's all about. Have a look at our Try-dive page for more details.

SealAn inquisitive grey seal in the Farne Isles

How much will it cost me to join?

Membership of the Club costs £135 per annum and includes weekly access to the swimming pool, ongoing training with our nationally-qualified instructors and use of the Clubhouse for regular Cub meetings on Thursday nights.

Additional fees apply for BSAC membership and if you want to take part in any of the training programmes you will need to purchase training packs through the Training Officer (these range in price from £20-50 depending on the course). The up-to-date BSAC Membership costs for all classes of divers and snorkellers can be found on the BBSAC Web Site.

Addition training, such as Skill Development courses are charged at cost direct from BSAC. Club trips are organised by the members for the members of the club. The cost of the trip is usually divided up among those taking part.

How do I find the Club?

Our spacious clubhouse is in the Lincolnsfields center, behind the Bushey Grove Leisure center, which incidentally houses our training pool. Our club night is Thursday, we are normally at the pool (at the Leisure Centre) from around 8.30pm - why not drop down and say Hi?

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