Useful Documents

Here you can find some useful documents to help with planning a trip

PDFPlanning a Trip with BBSAC

PDFTrip planning checklist

PDFeSlate - for reporting dives

PDFBlank Diving Slate

PDFClub Boat Rules (2012)

PDFBoat usage Guidelines

iCAL links

For the technically minded, here are the iCAL links for the club calendars for use in smartphones and computers:




Using the Calendar

The Calendar on the left shows all the club training, diving and social events.

This is a read-only calendar, if you want to add an item to the Club calendar please contact the Training Officer, Web Offiver, Diving Officer or Social Secretary.

Clicking your mouse on an event on the calendar will reveal more details about that event.

Planning your Own Trip

Quick stept for planning your own trip:

  1. Find a range of dates for your trip (it's alwasy best to have a few options)

  2. Look on the calendar and check wheter another trip is already going out on the same weekend. If there is, is it using the same resources (boats etc) as those you want to use; trips using boats have the name of the boat in the notes fied of the calendar entry as well as the organiser

  3. Make a rough plan for your trip including the dates, destination, number of divers and club resource requirements and email it to the Diving Officer

  4. Once approved, you can email the trip to the club email list and it will be added to the Club Diving/Training calendar.