Our Instructors

We have an active and experienced training team lead by our Training Officer, Paula. All of our instructors are fully DBS/CRB checked.

PaulaPaula is our Diving Officer and oversees all of the clubs diving and training. She's been diving for over 14 years. and loves her motorbike and cats. She dislikes putting on too much weight as it makes putting on the drysuit a bit of a struggle! Central to Paulas' role in the club is overseeing diver training and she plays an active part in training and diver development from Ocean Diver through to Advanced Diver levels.
JamesJames is an Advanced Instructor. James is also an underwater videographer and makes short films of many of the dives the club dives.
JamesSteve White is an an Assistant Advanced Instructor, with a pedant for deep wrecks and diving on the west coast of Scotland.
TonyTony is a godlike instructor (also known as an advanced Instructor, and has been with us for too many years to count. He is allergic to water and hates fish. (Only joking!!)
JamesEammon is an experienced instructor, recently returned from St Albans SubAqua Club.
JamesRay Smith is a Dive Leader and Assistant instructor, and can often be seen taking in Try Divers.
JamesAlex E Has been diving since 91, so a diving wrinkly in a young(ish) skin! Dive Leader, Open Water Instructor. Likes nothing better than bobbing around in the RIBs. No time for other hobbies until kids grow up and leave.
WayneWayne is an Assistant Diving Instructor, is into photography, running, learning the piano, and fixing his classic Landrover. The rest of the time he dives.

Diver Training

Next possible training date : NOW!!!

Quality Instruction at your own pace.

ClassroomWe have a number of highly qualified instructors who are both skilled in teaching diving as well as being accomplished and experienced divers in their own right. All of our theory-based training occurs in our own A/V equipped lecture room, whilst pool work occurs in a local swimming pool. When you need more advanced facilities we regularly arrange training trips to inland dive sites as well as locations on the south coast and further afield.

Training at WraysburyTraining isn't just about learning to dive. Its about having fun. and we believe in continual development, so if you want to test out your latest purchase, or just fancy a bimble around, we have a regular Thursday evening pool session that is open to all members.

There are five internationally recognised BSAC diver grades, from the entry level Ocean Diver through to the highest grade, First Class Diver. Each grade allows you to dive safely within your own limitations, at your own pace. New divers generally start with ocean diver,but if you have received training from another recognised organisation then it is possible for BSAC training to start at a higher level. You do NOT need to train with BSAC to dive with us, you can dive under the limits of your previous training qualifications, subject to our Diving Officers approval.

Ocean Diver

If you have always wanted to learn how to dive, this course is for you. This course is for beginners and provides the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open water diving.

At the end of the course you will be able to dive to 20M, with a suitably qualified buddy.

Sports Diver

BSAC Sports Diver training builds on the scuba skills you learnt in the Ocean Diver course and helps develop your confidence, skills and experience in the water to allow you to enjoy a wider range of diving sites and conditions. The course builds a sound foundation of open water diving skills and experience with structured, practical lessons. This is a good way of getting more dives under your belt while learning under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Dive Leader

As a BSAC Dive Leader you are are becoming an expert in your field of dive leadership. As well as being competent in planning and managing groups of divers on the day including, if necessary, managing rescue situations.

This comprehensive course is a mix of classroom-based and practical lessons that will give you confidence to plan, lead and manage dives, and deal with emergencies, all the while developing your confidence and experience as a diver. After qualifying, and if you wish, depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 50m. Dive Leaders are eligible to progress to Open Water Instructor.

Skill Development Courses (SDC)

We run a number of skill development courses in conjunction with BSAC regional coaching teams. Because of our excellent facilities a number of their courses are run in our own clubhouse.